SHV & Society

The sale and distribution of LPG and operating of Makro stores will always mean that we are closely involved with our local environment. This is where we find our customers, employees and many of our suppliers of products and services. We are strongly involved in the development of many aspects of our immediate environment. A sustainable and positive development of the society in which we work and live is also to our own benefit. It is not by coincidence that this has been fundamental in the SHV Corporate Philosophy for many years.

Our companies and their employees undertake specific projects aimed directly at the communities they are part of. You can find an overview of these initiatives in our publication "The Heart of SHV".

Under the theme "Start from the Heart", we believe that combining financial support with the personal envolvement of our employees is a true representation of the own Corporate Philosophy of investing in people. Visit the Start from the Heart page on this website to learn more.

The Fentener van Vlissingen Cultural Fund was founded in 1961 and supports and promotes artistic and cultural projects in the city and province of Utrecht.

SHV supports education
Additional to the numerous local initiatives our Groups are engaged in, and the support of the Fentener van Vlissingen Fund, the focus of our sponsoring activities is education. SHV believes that, by supporting educational programmes, we help people to help themselves. We see offering education as making a long-term investment in people, and ultimately in communities. As such, this fits perfectly with our Corporate Philosophy.

Sponsoring requests can be sent to Please note that requests will only be considered for organisations that invest directly in education, or educational projects, with a strong preference for organisations that are located in the greater Utrecht area.