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Published - October 12th, 2018

ERIKS builds a new Clean Manufacturing Facility

ERIKS builds a new Clean Manufacturing Facility

The need for clean production and clean packaged products has increased significantly for ERIKS over the past years. Capacity of the current Cleanroom in Alkmaar  was no longer sufficient. That is why ERIKS Netherlands started building a brand new Clean Manufacturing Facility (CMF) to be able to supply more ‘clean services’ to food, pharma, and semiconductor industry customers.

1000m2 of new Cleanroom and production

The new Cleanroom and production facility at ERIKS in Alkmaar, the Netherlands will be over 1000m2, with a ‘clean production’ area on the ground floor and the actual Cleanroom on the first floor. Building started on November 26, 2018 and is planned to be finished in June 2019. 

A hundred percent sure

Besides cleaning and packaging, the new facility will allow for clean production. For instance, the hoses and valves ERIKS produces for customers in the semiconductor industry need to be placed in their factories under extremely protected circumstances. ERIKS customers want to be a hundred percent sure that the products are indeed produced in a Cleanroom without dust, oil or anything else that might compromise the cleanliness of the product. The products will then be packaged in compliance with ISO class 6 (also known as class 1000).

Shorter lines, faster delivery

With the new CMF, ERIKS can provide customers with further Supply Chain Optimizations. Where before a customer would buy ERIKS products but had to outsource the clean management, now ERIKS will be able to ensure the whole process. ERIKS customers thus benefit by less fewer links in their Supply Chain resulting in cost savings and faster deliveries.