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Published - July 23rd, 2018

ERIKS Proud partner of Hyperloop

ERIKS Proud partner of Hyperloop

ERIKS is an official partner of the Delft University of Technology Hyperloopteam. In 2017, the TU Delft team won the first international Hyperloop competition that was initiated by SpaceX/Tesla CEO ElonMusk.

ERIKS' experts helped design some of the 2018 pod’s most critical parts: selection of the motor, materials for the tires and several pneumatic parts for the brakes. The company also work together on constructing parts. This includes a ‘world’s first’ process: vulcanizing the rubber on the rim of the high-speed traction wheel.

In 2018, the team came in second at the SpaceX Hyperloop competition organised by Elon Musk, at SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. 

The inspiring Hyperloop project is a great opportunity for ERIKS to show how its specials can contribute in creating exciting innovations for the future.

What is hyperloop?

The Hyperloop is an energy-efficient transport system in which pods travel through a vacuum tube at high speed like a kind of a pneumatic dispatch system. The idea that the system could eventually transport people at the speed of an airplane and with the convenience of a metro line captures the imagination. In theory, capsules in the tunnel could reach speeds of 1,220 kilometers per hour in the future. At that speed, you could get from Amsterdam to Paris within half an hour. We have not reached that point yet. And this is exactly the reason why Elon Musk holds an annual competition to further develop the system. 

ERIKS partners with Delft Hyperloop