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Published - February 5th, 2020

Mammoet introduces Enviro-Mat

Mammoet introduces Enviro-Mat

Mammoet, global market leader in engineered heavy lifting and transport, recently introduced Enviro-Mat, an innovative approach to increase the load bearing capacity of a site in a quick and simple manner. Mixing cement and Enviro-Mat additive with the soil on site creates a strong and durable stabilisation that can increase capacity by up to 50 tons/m2 and beyond. Enviro-Mat uses local resources and requires less transport of materials than conventional methods.

All heavy equipment and their loads require a solid foundation upon which to work. Traditionally, gravel, wooden mats, concrete slabs and other materials are brought to a site for this purpose, resulting in additional costs and environmental impact. Convinced that ground fortification can be done more efficiently, Mammoet set out to develop a new method for increasing the load bearing capacity of a job site.  

Mammoet’s Enviro-Mat is installed by mixing the native soil with Enviro-Mat additive and ordinary Portland cement or an equivalent.  Because Enviro-Mat uses the soil on site, it is faster to install - saving time before lifting and transport has commenced. It also requires less transport of materials and preparatory ground work, which reduces a project’s carbon footprint. After the project has been completed, Enviro-Mat can be kept in place for decades. It can also be crushed and mixed back into the soil with no negative impact on the surrounding environment. 

Ronald Kleinjan, Director of Mammoet Heavy Duty Pavements explains: “As ground preparations are always on the critical path of any project, they affect overall project efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Therefore, Enviro-Mat improves a project’s efficiency right at the start of a project. We are currently applying this new technology on several of our customers’ sites. We are proud to introduce this product globally, on all our projects.” 

Read more about the Enviro-Mat on Mammoet's website.