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Published - July 15th, 2019

PRIMAGAS Germany launches AR App for Tank Installation

PRIMAGAS Germany launches AR App for Tank Installation

After six months of development, PRIMAGAS Germany is proud to go live with their new Minimal Viable Product (MVP) for augmented reality tank installation.

The new tool will set new and unique standards in customer service and in the acquisition of new partners. The first results are promising: customers and plumbers are impressed and the tool supports PRIMAGAS’ sales team. In addition, the AR tool improves technical and logistic processes and safety standards.

The App is based on Apples’ ARKit, therefore only running on iOS devices but on the other hand offline available. To keep the MVP flexible for future phases, it has been designed without an integration to a back-end system and open for additional languages and tank models.

The MVP is able to place and move tanks with different sizes and colours, both above and beneath ground tanks. It also offers the possibility to do exact manual measurement and fade in/out different additional information such as the safety zone (different sizes for commercial & private customers), beneath-ground boundaries of the tank, measurement and the tank itself.

After tank placement is completed, the result can be captured as picture or video and stored on the device.

The MVP is available in both German and English.

Primagas Germany AR app