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ADAPTFY academy

The ADAPTFY Data Academy

ADAPTFY has an ambition to build general D&A fluency and specific know-how throughout the SHV family via its Data Academy, a programme designed to equip the SHV family with the D&A skillset, providing both general knowledge and addressing specific needs. 

What does it do?

The ADAPTFY Academy is a core pillar of ADAPTFY’s strategy of strengthening Data Analytics’ prowess throughout the SHV family of companies.

The Data Academy gives the SHV people the means to utilise the D&A tools and skills needed in the age of Big Data and Digital Transformation. It gives them the opportunity to grow their knowledge of Data & Analytics, and provides them with the relevant skills to optimise data within their job roles.

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People have always been at the heart of the SHV story.

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Sustainability plays a key role in our purpose.

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