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SHV Energy provides low-carbon and clean energy solutions for business and residential customers in over 25 countries across four continents. It is a leading global distributor of LPG and also a significant player in small-scale LNG and sustainable biomass.

Globally, SHV Energy aims to position itself within the changing energy market as a supplier of low-carbon and renewable energy solutions for applications beyond the utility grids. In 2018, additional steps were taken in the implementation of the strategic programme “Advancing Energy Together” that was launched in 2016, which aims to reduce the overall carbon impact while still growing the business through both organic growth and acquisitions.


In Europe and the USA, SHV Energy is committed to providing energy solutions for homes and businesses in rural areas beyond the gas grid. In these areas, there is widespread use of the most highly polluting fuels such as coal and heating oil. Consumers switching from those fuels to LPG and LNG can bring about a significant reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide and particulate matter.

In Asia and Brazil, SHV Energy provides clean fuel for businesses, residential and commercial customers spanning all sections of society. In many of these countries, cooking with LPG is beginning to replace solid fuel stoves, which are known to be a major source of pulmonary illnesses in these areas. In Asia, existing petrol and diesel vehicles are increasingly converting to LPG and LNG, a trend that is welcomed in particular by urban communities concerned about the worsening levels of pollution.

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