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Engineered heavy lifting and transport

Mammoet supports its customers by improving their construction efficiency and optimising the uptime of their plants and installations. To that end, it provides solutions for heavy lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures. Mammoet serves the so-called heavy industries like oil & gas, petrochemical, offshore, power generation and civil engineering. Mammoet operates the project, maintenance and rental market. The company works across the globe on all continents. Mammoet’s knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art equipment combined with high quality and safety standards, have helped it set trends and records around the world.

Mammoet operates in highly competitive markets with strong dynamics and powerful economic interests. The logistical challenges in heavy industries are continuously increasing. Remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on environmental protection require smart and safe solutions. In addition, within existing plants, the maintenance challenges tend to intensify as facilities become congested over time, whereas the quest for economies of scale drives up the size and weight of components. A growing population increases the need for new infrastructure or the renovation of existing facilities. All these developments intensify the need for smart approaches and innovations, which can be driven by innovation in Mammoet’s equipment, software or processes. Mammoet believes that its activities significantly help customers in their need for increased productivity and continuity through creative engineering, careful planning and safe execution.

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