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What does being part of SHV mean to our colleagues?

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Working at SHV

Committed, talented and passionate employees are key for the continuing success of the business and are the best ambassadors for SHV.

SHV believes in growing its own timber, i.e. investing in professional growth and development from within, leading to the right team of leaders, professionals and experts. At the same time, the company is looking for talented individuals to join, either bringing relevant external experience or right from university, who can add value to the business. It’s important to SHV that the employees share the values and believe in its purpose ‘Courage to care for generations to come’.

That means that SHV doesn’t only offer challenging jobs, but it also offers the opportunity to make a career. That may also mean moving from one Group to another, even internationally. Or it could mean providing stretching projects, assignments and opportunities to work in culturally diverse environments. The company’s talent review and succession planning processes match the needs of the business with the personal wishes and development needs of its people. In this way SHV can create opportunities for business and personal growth.

In addition, SHV conducts a suite of leadership development programmes, focusing on the different career stages and challenges (potential) leaders go through. Participants come from all SHV groups, nationalities and businesses and functional backgrounds.

“We take the development of our people very seriously because we know that in the end it’s not strategies but people that make the difference. Helping our people to optimise their potential results is a win-win: increased motivation and better business results. Ultimately, we want to create an inspiring place to work in our ‘family of companies’.”

SHV has a strong focus on entrepreneurship, ensuring a sustainable family of companies for the next generations. SHV has a long term vision which is reflected in the purpose and focus on people development. We care for our people and we care for your future. Joining SHV can be more than just the start of a new job. It can be the start of a career. A career that can take place in 7 different companies, operating in different industries. With a wide range of activities in more than 70 countries, the SHV family offers many challenges to learn, grow, make a career and enjoy yourself working together with more than 50,000 highly qualified and diverse colleagues worldwide.

Job opportunities at SHV

SHV is always looking for talent, whether it is at one of the Groups or at the head office in Utrecht.

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People have always been at the heart of the SHV story.

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Sustainability plays a key role in our purpose.

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Financial performance without purpose is not meaningful, and purpose without performance is not sustainable.