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Kiwa is an independent global company in Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC). Kiwa’s core businesses are supported and strengthened by (strictly separated) training, consultancy and data services. With its TIC and adjacent services like training, R&D and data services, Kiwa creates trust in its customers’ products, services, processes, (management) systems and employees. It does so in a wide variety of market segments, ranging from drinking water and (renewable) energy, construction and healthcare to food, feed & farm, cyber security and industrial assets and medical & pharma. Kiwa has clients in manufacturing and process industries, (business) services, public and private utilities, governments and international institutions. Kiwa employs over 7,500 people in offices in more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, North and Latin America.

SHV fully endorses the importance of impartiality and avoidance of potential conflicts of interests in the TIC activities of Kiwa. Therefore, SHV does not in any way interfere in the primary TIC processes of Kiwa, where customers and authorities rely on the impartial technical competences, judgements and decisions of Kiwa staff.

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