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Data & Analytics at SHV:


The world is changing faster than ever, with new technologies on the rise and customer and consumer behaviour changing rapidly. Fortunately, defining and adapting to any change is nothing new for SHV as innovation is in our DNA.

What is ADAPTFY?

ADAPTFY is a new SHV company, the turnkey Data & Analytics (D&A) solution for the SHV family. With its experienced team of professionals, it brings together the full range of technical expertise, both D&A and business related. ADAPTFY provides services to all SHV Groups, helping to accelerate the D&A journey in our family of companies. ADAPTFY aims to create value through optimising business practices and processes through advanced D&A and technology. And being a part of SHV, it unlocks more value, fast.

I strongly believe in the importance and power of data, analytics and technology in enabling us to stay ahead. Across SHV we are taking steps in these areas and to accelerate this, we have established a new SHV company: ADAPTFY.

What does ADAPTFY do?

ADAPTFY helps in value creation across all analytics needs of SHV. It can assist in all stages of projects, from ideation to implementation, from opportunity identification through to value realisation, including solution implementation.

On top of the D&A work itself, ADAPTFY has created a ‘Data Academy’ – a programme designed to equip the SHV family with the D&A skillset, providing both general knowledge and addressing specific needs. The Data Academy gives the SHV people the means to utilise the D&A tools and skills needed in the age of Big Data and Digital Transformation.


ADAPTFY’s areas of expertise

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