SHV Holdings

SHV Holdings has its Head Office in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It is a small, transparent organisation with approximately 100 professionals.

SHV is a privately-held family company that aims to maintain its strong position in a number of operational activities and selected investment activities. SHV invests for the long term, expands and develops businesses, and provides its customers with excellent value services. All this is possible thanks to a team of dedicated people who are proud to be a part of SHV.

The company was founded in the Netherlands in 1896 following the merger between a number of large coal trading companies. After the general decline in the use of coal as a primary source of energy halfway through the twentieth century, SHV moved into other business areas.

A small, transparent organisation is situated in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Approximately 100 professionals work at this Head Office, all focusing on serving and supporting the businesses and employees worldwide, all passionately done with a high level of managerial and functional expertise.

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People have always been at the heart of the SHV story.

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Sustainability plays a key role in our purpose.

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Financial performance without purpose is not meaningful, and purpose without performance is not sustainable.