18 October 2023

Mammoet works on the worlds largest Propane Dehydration (PDH) plant

As the world’s largest Propane Dehydration plant (PDH) takes shape in Saudi Arabia, Mammoet ensured that its critical components all arrived in the right sequence, and were installed smoothly and safely into position, minimizing port charges and reducing onsite congestion. During construction on the congested site, customized lifting system ensured efficient use of space.

The project included the transportation of the plant components, some weighing up to 1,900 tonnes. One of the most challenging tasks was erecting the 129-meter tall, 1,600-tonne product splitter, which required expert engineering and cutting-edge equipment.

Read more about the project on Mammoet’s website

Mammoet’s scope is largely complete, and the project is due to be completed and commissioned on schedule, ready for the facility to become operational from 2024.