26 January 2023

Supergasbras has a first electric LPG truck

Supergasbras operates the first electric truck to transport LPG in bulk. It is the first truck of such kind in the world. The project has been fulfilled in a partnership with Volkswagen Trucks. It will bring benefits in terms of sustainability, redeeming carbon credits and reducing pollutant emissions. With a range of up to 250 km, the vehicle is initially planned to circulate in Rio de Janeiro, starting from the largest filling plant of Supergasbras, located in Duque de Caxias.

Only those who think ahead of their time can achieve the incredible

Supergasbras – in partnership with Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, Grupo EGSA and Locadora JUNTU – was able to develop very innovative technology for the bulk LPG distribution sector.

With an autonomy of up to 250km, the implementation of VW e-Delivery electric trucks will bring sustainable benefits to the planet and will enable the reduction of pollutant emissions. After all, it uses a cleaner and renewable energy source. But that’s not all. The VW e-Delivery brings a lot of intelligence to ensure the maximum energy efficiency in operation with the LPG tank and the entire bulk gas transport system, in a safe, sustainable and comfortable way for everyone.

Initially, the vehicle will circulate in the region of Rio de Janeiro, with the largest filling plant of Supergasbras as its starting point.  But Júlio Cardoso, president of Supergasbras, says:
“Part of our company’s plans is to expand our electric fleet. This is a pilot project; we will test this vehicle and then continue with others and expand the routes.”